Canar Sponsoring African Internet Governance Forum 2018,

Nov 4, 2018, Khartoum, Sudan: Organized by the African Union Commission (AUC), the Seventh African Internet Governance Forum (AFIGF 2018) kicked off in Khartoum, Sudan,with the generous support and hosting by the Government of Sudan,and Sponsored by Canar Telecommunication Company.

Theme: “Development of the Digital Economy and Emerging Technologies in Africa”.

(AfIGF) aims to be a platform for an inclusive l, multi-stakeholder discussion on issues pertinent to the Internet in Africa in general and Internet Governance issues in particular. Specific objectives include:

1-To increase awareness and build capacity on Internet Governance for African users to ensure that all stakeholders are well prepared for contribution and interaction.

2-To facilitate national and regional exchanges and interactions between countries and regions in continent.

3-To facilitate the participation of African stakeholders in AfIGF and other appropriate regional and national Internet Governance Forums.

4-To promote access to information and knowledge.

5-To promote content development and use of African languages in the cyberspace.


For more info please visit :

https://www.afigf.africa/  ,,,