Canar Take a Part of 1st Inter-Regional Smart Agriculture forum.

Canar a gold sponsor in the 1st Inter_regional Smart agricultural forum 2018, ‘’ towards sustainable Agricultural Development by introducing IoT and new technology trends”, Canar’s partnership with RPM networks in IOT solutions, to be able to provide customers with all solutions to meet all their requirement. Since its advent, the IoT has connected many devices, making life easier and more convenient. The future will be for the Internet of Things (IoT) technology based on the declarations to provide significant benefits for humanity.

Within the scope of the initiative of HE/Omar Al-Bashir – President of Sudan to the Arab leaders about the “Arab Food Security” and being part of the global efforts towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (AICTO and AOAD are launching the initiative: “Smart Agriculture Forum” (ISAF) to be a platform gathering all potential stakeholders within the Arab and African regions and the rest of the world for an open and constructive Forum.