Canary 4G

We are very delighted to be launching our LTE services in El Obaied on the 29th of July 2018, this is the beginning of a series of launches that will be conducted till the end of this year. The start will be with El Obaied , we will then launch in other four cities till the end of this year.


Canary 4G has a very high speed, with a Full HD streaming quality. It is a fixed wireless broadband service for home and office users who need exceptional quality, reliability and efficiency.

Canary 4G is Your Ultimate Experience for Connectivity

Whether you are a home user or a SME, uploading / downloading content, Surfing the internet, streaming videos, has never felt so swift. So, whether you’re gaming, watching movies, socializing or shopping online.

Canary 4G offers you an unparalleled user experience.

Get up to 20Mbps with Canary 4G, choose one of our devices that will suit your needs, Connect up to 32 of your devices with our smart Hub wireless device and upto four with wired Ethernet.

We have a very easy to follow, quick setup guides that come with the Wi-Fi Hub. All you need to do is plug in the sim card into the router.

Ready!! Choose one of our amazing offers and Enjoy life with a different speed and get the 1st month for FREE!!:

15 GB + 2 GB Free
30 GB + 2 GB Free
50 GB+ 5 GB Free
∞ Unlimited