Postpaid 40

Post-paid 40 is covenant for any small businesses. It allows you to use voice and internet services first and pay later through a monthly bill.

At very low rates you have a connivance package for the following


  • Making an average of between10-25 voice calls a day.
  • Using the internet often for email, internet browsing, download lighter to medium size files.

With Post-paid 40 voice and internet services are provided to you in one convenient bundle package, which means that you do not need to subscribe to each service separately and can use voice or internet services at any time.


Why Postpaid 40

Post-paid 40 is the best choice for mid-level user providing you with the following benefits:

  • 40 voice minutes and 3 internet hours free every month.
  •       Friends & Family call any specified Canar or other number at a further 20% calling discount from    regular tariff.
  • Best priced domestic calls rates to Canar, other landline or any mobile.
  • VAS Pack which includes Caller Line Identification (CLI)
  • Call Waiting Conference Call and Do Not Disturb absolutely free of charge.
  • Free monthly detailed billing.