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CSR & Events

Canars Social Responsibility

Canar Telecommunication Company is considered one of the pioneers in the field of social development and in terms of the  launching of Social responsibility projects. This comes  in recognition of Canars commitments towards the society. Since its establishment Canar has given great importance to projects of such nature and launched a number of Social responsibility programs targeting different sectors in the community.

Canar, through its social responsibility is seeking to link its telecom services with the different needs and activities that aim to develop and improve living conditions in the Sudanese community in different aspects.

Canar’s Role in capacity Building:

This project was Canars fist step in community development.  Graduate trainee program (GT Program) targeting fresh  graduates from different Sudanese universities.

The project included a series of lectures and Seminars in various field of technical communications for the final year students in universities in Sudan  These lecture aims to develop human caliber and qualified staff and raise the competence of graduates in the labor market in addition to new graduates (more than 65 staff and graduates), receiving the highest level of training in preparation for entry to Canar.

Canar Roll Back Malaria Project:

Is considered Canars major social development project.

A partnership between the Federal Ministry of Health and Canar the agreement was singed in May 17, 2006

Canar Roll Back Malaria Project is one of the most successful private sector social projects to in the Sudan. With an estimated cost of 300,000 U.S. dollars in a period of 3 years.

Its main activities include; distribution of impregnated nets, spraying of affected areas, awareness messages in radios and TV, school card activity and other advocacy initiatives.


Canars Role in supporting Education:

The educational sector, being of great importance Canar has paid special attention to it in terms of its support to General Education (School events , Distribution of uniforms and other activities,) and its support to technical Education which is considered neglected sector, long forgotten with the recent advancements.

Canars Charity Activities:

A number of activities targeting different vulnerable sectors of the community, done in collaboration with Community Based organizations (CBOs). Usually executed during the month of Ramadan.

Main activities are; organizing of health day in different localities, distribution of Ramadan necessities to the poor, Ramadan Iftar in social centers, prisons and other places.