Internet Leased Line (ILL)

Internet Leased Line (ILL)

Canar owns and operates one a large fiber optic network that expand over 6000 Kms delivering premium business Internet data and voice services with the speed scalability and reliability to manage todays growing business communications demands. 

With Dedicated Internet our customers can choose a bandwidth level that meets their requirements.

As with all of our Internet products bandwidth levels are scalable starting at 512 Kbps up to 155 Mbps per link.

Dedicated Internet affords customers the flexibility of selecting a desired speed without incurring additional usage charges.

Features and Benefit

·         Speed

Fiber enables business at the speed of light Our fiber network offers the greatest speed and highest performance of any other transport medium This is the Power of Fiber

·         Scalability

We invest in our customers site by deploying an intelligent access switch with multiple network ports a         nd a 100 Mbps fiber optic uplink to our network

This allows our customer to increase bandwidth and add new services on demand without the need for any new hardware

·         Reliability

We leverage a multipath architecture throughout our fibre network to provide the redundancy and reliability our customers expect

·         Suppot 24/7/365

One of the main objectives that canar provides to its customer is the 24/7 technical support center. That record and solve customer inquiries and issues.

Our national fiber network is the ideal choice when a truly diverse and highly available network is needed.