The Primary Rate Interface (PRI) channels are typically used by medium to large enterprises with digital PBXs to provide them digital access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The Primary Rate user is hooked up directly to Canar. 

The PRI gives you 30 channels that can be used to send and receive calls while significantly lowering telecommunications cost with its intensively low tariffs.

Extra benefits include

·         Direct Inward Dialing.

·         Caller ID.

·         Call hunting.

·       PRI lines can be used for voice connectivit data connectivity video conferencing faxing and all the above can be done simultaneously too (on different channels).

·        PRI lines are end-to-end digital lines and hence the clarity is much better than analog trunk lines.

·       Since they are digital lines, PRI lines are more reliable and trouble shooting is also easier with them. They are on a fiber core ring and hence there is redundancy.

·         It is harder to tap into digital lines and listen to the conversations.

·         PRI lines take lesser time to establish calls then analog trunk lines.