EVPN (Virtual PBX)

EVPN (Virtual PBX)

Canar Virtual Exchange is an EVPN (Enhanced Virtual Privet Network) service is the smart way to have an office PBX. Minimizing implementation time to almost zero and forget about cabling. 

Our PBX technology manages phone tasks such as call routing  allowing more than one person to be reached from a single number  voicemail faxing automated greetings conference calling, etc…

So you can have access to all the features of a PBX without the high costs associated with the purchase of On-premise PBX equipment.


You can also enjoy free in-group calls and 0.02SDG per minute to other branches will cut your monthly bill by 60% of your normal usage. 


The EVPN service has the following features


·         Short number dialing within the group.

·         Low charge rate within the subgroups.

·         Free calls within the group.

·         Easier communication between group members.

·         Ability to use different authorities and charging rates for intergroup, intra group and extra   group calling.

·         Call control authority by the group owner.