Al Tayman Plus

Al Tayman Plus

Al Tayman Plus is the most convenient package for home use. With our goal and commitment to provide a phone for every family Tayman plus package is a prepaid package that is most convenient for home use. With remarkably low tariffs and almost free communication with special numbers Al Tayman is a must for every home that withes to get a high quality voice communication at economical price. 

With Al Tayman Plus you can leverage the following benfits:

·        No monthly line rent

·        Instead of 1 you enjoy 6 special numbers at discounted rates 

·        Internet for 1 SDG per hour.

·        Monthly internet and free on-net calls for only 20 SDG.

·        International calls starting at 55 piaster/minute.

·        New and advanced devices.

·        Answering machine and FM radio.

·        USB internet link.

·        Long life lithium battery memory and fit for 500 numbers.