Cross Connection

Cross connects opens the doors to more opportunities than anywhere else around the globe to complete tasks such as terminating your voice traffic, delivering content, accessing public IP or building new services in the cloud. In other words, cross connects put you in physical contact with the partners and services you need to make your operations work.


Regardless of your size and unique requirements, Canar can help you make the connections your business needs to excel. When you request a cross connection, you can choose from a variety of formats according to your specific needs. From low-speed legacy systems to high-speed networks, you can tailor your connections to optimize the efficiency and efficacy of your services. This flexibility empowers you with just the right connection for each application.


Offering the security and reliability of hardwired cables, cross connect services provide high performance, greater scalability and very low latency for any protocol or network technology. These services enable circuit interconnections for any type of network technology on the passive panels that comprise our data centers.

Canar offers professional cross connection services to meet all of your cross connection program needs.


Canar also provides and oversees a full cross connection, physical cross connection or hard patching between sub-marine cables for transit of traffic at its Port Sudan land station